Hello, I’m Fox Maccloud!

Hello Friend

I started getting into infosec when I was about 17 years old. It all started messing much earlier with video games and computers as a kid and wondered how shit works…

I sadly was not able to really get into hacking at this age since searching “How to become a hacker” doesn’t exactly yield any decent results.

Skipping a few years, last year of highschool I started to learn how to do programming mainly python and set up services such as game servers and other services. I later then got into hacking.

As for now I’m just trying to develop my skills, do capture the flag challenges and finish university.

About the blog

My goal for this blog is to have a hub for all my contents. I’m gonna write writeups for challanges I do, post research and share ideas.


If you want to contact me, Twitter is a good way to get in contact! You may also try to contact me on Discord

I will usually respond within 48 hours.

And if you are in Bergen, Norway. Please contact me and we can have a chat!


I used to be most active on Hack The Box, Pwnable.tw and Try Hack Me, but I’m kinda burned out of them at the moment. Now days I’m enjoying reverse engineering, game hacking, taking things apart and put them back together in a different way. Much like I used to as a kid :)

I’m also the co-leader of Pwngasms which we created in the summer 2019.